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"I walk a lonely road,"

But do you walk it with me?

Exiles' Order
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This is the Exiles' Order, which is a group of exiles from either the dark or light, and obviously you are here because you like Star Wars! So, have a nice time, don't break anything, and NO ORANGE SODA (that rule was enforced after The Orange Soda Disaster of 2005 in which a certain Sith exile got her grubby little hands on a gallon of the stuff)

I guess we're going to need some rules too...
1. Ask ajunta_paul before advertising communities and such. It's polite.
2. Anything that's rated PG-13 needs to be under a cut. Anything else goes. I don't care how long it is as long as it's not above a PG rating.
3. Let's be nice. No "JEDI SUCK! AND STAR WARS SUCKS! AND YOU SUCK!" none of that. It's fine to express opinions just nicely.
4. We all love Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, but we're cool with role playin and all that sorts of stuff.
5. Have fun!